3Space Art Gallery promotes the up and coming growth of the surrounding Rust Belt area.  3Space features two levels of art exhibition and event space with a third level reserved for living quarters. 3Space promotes the concept of a “third place,” developed by Ray Oldenburg in The Great Good Place. According to Oldenburg, first places are where we live, second places are where we work, and third places are where we want to be. Third places allow people to feel at ease; they promote sense of community, sense of self, and encourage creativity and free exchange of ideas. A true third place should be free or inexpensive, welcoming and comfortable, involve regulars, and be highly accessible. 3Space is a local art gallery that serves as a third place to the residents of the Rust Belt. It features a lounge- like setting with a coffee bar and seating areas. People can walk around and enjoy the ever- changing art displays, or sit and visit with friends. Lounge seating, existing brick walls, bamboo flooring, and retro color scheme, creates a mid- century modern lounge atmosphere that allows people to feel comfortable and encourages creative interaction. The first floor contains the main lounge with multiple sitting areas, a staff office, and a small coffee bar. The second floor features moveable art display walls, a kitchen, and an open space that can be used for events and 
community meetings. The third floor is reserved as an apartment, featuring two bedrooms and a loft like feel. Through reinventing an existing space, eco- friendly materials such as concrete, brick, and bamboo, and boosting the local economy for local artists, 3Space promotes sustainability. 3Space promotes sustainability, creativity, and local artists by being the perfect third place for the residents of the up and coming Rust Belt area.
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