Jekyll & Hyde

The classic tale of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde explores the duality of a person's inner-self. There is good and bad human nature.

This project stays true to the original concept of the book and gives it a fresh take in this experience. Users solve illusion puzzles to look beyond their ideas of themselves. Are you really what you think?

Overcoming predetermined visuals that this classic story has was a challenge. The breakthrough came from reevaluating what is essential to the concept. Ultimately, I realized it should be focused on the illusions people have of themselves.

The mobile app is an illusion puzzle game. Users are challenged to navigate exceedingly tricky to understand perspective puzzles as quickly as possible. This game also leads to the personality test as well as the book's homepage.

To make a substantial impact on users, I chose to start the quiz by having the user select their preferred personality for themselves. They have an opportunity to read over each one and make an honest selection. Then the user takes the test where at the end will reveal what the test determines which personality they are.
As the user answers the questions, users watch their choices move an orb along a perspective illusion puzzle. This reinforces the integrity of the test by showing it has an impact on a perceived outcome. Once completed, the quiz reveals what the users' answers determined to be the best fit personality.

Completing the test is meant to pick the closest match based on their answers. However, the real purpose is to make the user realize that they may not know themselves as well as they may have thought initially.
Are you really what you think?
Awarded the American Advertising Federation (AAF) - ADDY gold award for brand identity
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