Winner of the 2019 Silver Addy Award.

Packaging and branding project for a fictional collectible toy store that specializes in miniature figures. The log takes inspirational from superhero elements, such as their symbols and dynamic profiles.

As part of the branding, an original series of mystery box toys were designed and created, the Minjas. These are deadly pint-sized assassins that can strike from anywhere. Don't underestimate them because of their size. Larger versions were later made, called
Mega-Minjas. These figures feature specialty box art to accompany and express each one's character.

To celebrate the opening of the store, a specialty Minja was created to be part of the swag given to early customers over the opening weekend. The Minja, named Zomboney, is a zombified ninja who despite his slow speed is deadlier than ever, stalking his prey through the night.

Posters and an online store app were created to sell apparel in addition to toys, along with an Instagram campaign to show off the Minja's stealthy skills.

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