Melt! Festival Event Branding
When looking at the Melt! Festival’s website and all of the photos from past events, I knew I had to design a festival package that would include the colorful lights on display at this electronic outdoor fesival, as well as the giant steel structures that are special to this event. Rigidness, simplicity, and a colorful palette were my key goals going in. 

About the Venue
"Ferropolis" – the City of Iron – is situated in the south-west of Saxony-Anhalt near the town of Gräfenhainichen, about 20km away from Dessau. The former coal mine Golpa-Nord was center of the industry up to it’s closure in 1991. Today the now flooded ground with it’s central peninsula, the lake and five gigantic excavators shape a museum, monument and modern event arena in the same time and invites you to relax by the lake or discover the forest. This unique and imposing backdrop has been the meeting of Melt Festival since 1999, bringing together industrial history, culture and nature.
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