Design MFA
Designers are innovative problem solvers who process information and user needs to improve communication and environments. The variety and complexity of design issues is expanding. Developments in technology, information processing, and materials have affected design practice and education - new challenges confront the designer and the design educator. There is today a greater need for balance between human beings and their sociocultural, natural, and built environment.

What can I do with an MFA in Design?
With an MFA in Design, you will have expanded your proficiency in design. Our program will excel you in developing unique, innovative and effective design solutions, communicating concepts and solutions clearly, understanding philosophies, theories and terminology of design, rendering, executing and producing design, presenting concepts and solutions orally and in writing, and developing high standards of professional practice. You will have the skills to further your career in Design Education by teaching in the classroom at the college level, and you will be able to research advanced topics in design.
Application Procedures
Admission Requirement for an MFA in Design Students seeking an MFA in Design must fulfill the requirements found in the MFA Design Application packet before being formally admitted to the program. See the current UCO Graduate Catalog for more information.
MFA in Design Application

Upon acceptance into the MFA Design program, the Design Graduate Advisor will collaborate with you to prepare the Plan of Study with required, recommended, and elective courses necessary to earn the MFA Design degree.

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