Perry Point VA Assisted Living Center
Perry Point Assisted Living Center is designed based on the Greenhouse Project model by creating a home-like atmosphere that incorporates both individualized rooms, along with community areas for engaging with the staff and other residents in a family setting. When walking in the front door of the living center, guests are greeted by an enclosed courtyard that brings nature indoors with the use of potted plants, a water feature, and skylights, creating a space to relax. The winged structure was designed to maximize both ocean-front views, as well as central gathering places, such as an open concept kitchen, dining, and living areas. A curved curtain wall in the living area allows for the best view of the bay, allowing natural light to flood the SPACE and encourage the residents, their families, and staff to come together in the heart of the home. The main areas are accented with fun colors and patterns, initiating a lively environment. The resident rooms have a neutral color palette, so the residents have plenty of freedom to personalize their rooms. The assisted living center offers other amenities such as a den that can be utilized as a secondary living room or guest bedroom for the residents’ family member as well as a salon and a hydro spa where the residents can go to relax and be pampered. Perry Point Assisted Living Center, with its family values and various amenities, makes it the perfect place for the incoming generation to call home.
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