Stonegate Office
The Stonegate Building is in the center of an Oklahoma City neighborhood. Once an elementary school, the building is on the historic register for its midcentury- style architecture. The client is turning the now empty building, into two large business centers. The East wing is a company’s headquarters featuring an reception office, marketing & accounting offices, private managers offices, professional lounges, and a food court. The West wing is being transformed into offices that new companies can rent out, and a large co-working space for small business owners. The concept is based around creating a commercial space that will blend with the neighborhood around it. The building is historic, so the design focuses on enhancing and preserving the original features of the space. Wood, Metal, and Glass mix with a blend of warm and cool tones creating a cozy and modern atmosphere. All offices are designed to encourage growth and opportunity at any stage of a business’s life. The large co-working space is available for individuals looking to connect to other local entrepreneurs, have a place to work, host meetings, and collaborate.
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