The Shrug Chair
2019 Formica FORM Innovation Competition
Grand Prize
The Shrug Chair, inspired by the bent plywood furniture of the mid-century, has a comfortable aesthetic that invites them to "shrug off" their cares in a chair which would work well in their residential or work space. The curvy nature of the chair allows for more relaxation as wide spanned arms give the user more room to relax their arms or double as end tables. Covering the design in Formica Laminate, the chair's surface is durable and easy to clean for commercial applications. While the design is shown in a neutral color palette that would fit most spaces, the simplified design with three main planes offers the opportunity to play with different color blocking options to fit the needs of any space.
As a part of the Grand Prize winnings, the design was professionally fabricated and put on display in the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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