We Like to Win!
UCO design students have successfully won more ADDY awards than any other design school in the nation. In 2015 alone, our students won 105 ADDY awards – in 2014, we won over 90! Our students enter the American Advertising Awards, but they also enter competitions such as Graphex and AIGA Flux. Students also submit work (not only have they submitted, but many have been published) into publications such as Print, How, and CA. What can we say? We like to win!
Total Award Count, from ALL design competitions entered this year: 139 awards
AIGA Blue Rdige Flux 
– 20 awards
Form Competition 
– 1st place winner
Print Regional Design Annual 
– 5 UCO Design students included in the issue
CA Typography Issue 
– 2 UCO Design students included in the issue
National Conferences on Undergraduate Research 24 students accepted into conference
National ADDY Awards – 5 including 3 Gold and 2 Silver 
District ADDY Awards 
– 35 including Special Judges Choice for Illustration; 5 Golds, 16 Silvers, 13 Bronzes;
Local ADDY Awards 
– 71 including Best in Show, Special Judges Choice for Illustration, Best in University, The Braggy, for most awards won 23 Golds, 26 Silvers, 18 Bronzes

Professional Awards:
Local ADDY Awards
District ADDY Awards 
– 3
UCDA 1 Excellence
 Total Award Count, from ALL design competitions entered this year 122 awards
Clio Awards 
1 Bronze Award
Hospitality Design Awards 
– 1 Finalist
The One Club, Young Ones Competition
1 Award of Merit
RBT Light Fixture Design Competition
1 Citation Award
CA Typography Issue 
2 UCO Design students included in the issue
Print Regional Design Annual 
10 UCO Design students included in the issue
HOW Magazine
1 UCO Design student included in the HOW Promotions Issue
SILA – The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles presents our 56th annual Illustration West 
1 UCO Design student in the exhibition
Hamilton Type Exhibition 
2 Citation Awards
Love's Entrepreneurship Cup  2nd Place, Small Business Category; 1st Place in the Interview, Small Business Category
Society of Illustrators, NYC
Honorable Mention
National Conferences on Undergraduate Research 16 students accepted into conference
National ADDY Awards 1 Gold
District ADDY Awards – 3 Gold, 4 Silver, 15 Bronze
Local ADDY Awards – 29 Gold, 27 Silver, 20 Bronze

Professional Awards:
Local ADDY Awards  6
District ADDY Awards 
– 4
Publication in HOW Magazine including  1 Outstanding Achievement, 1 Merit, HOW In-House Design Awards 
1 Silver, 1 Excellence  
ADDYs – 125 Local (113 Student, 12 Professional), 26 District, 3 National
AIGA Flux – 25 Total: 1 Best in Poster Category, and 24 Recognized Entries
Graphex48 –  25 Total: (5 Best in Categories) 4 Advertising, 6 Identity,
3 Illustration, 6 Packaging, 1 Interactive, 3 Print, 2 Portfolios

Students Published in HOW Magazine
– 2 HOW International, 1 HOW Promotion & Marketing
ADDYs – 101 Local (96 Student, 5 Professional), 34 District (29 Student, 5 Professional), 10 National (9 Student, 1 Professional)
AIGA Flux – 15 Total: 1 Best in Show, 1 Category Honorable Mention, and 13 Recognized Entries
Graphex47 – 3 Total
HOW International Design Awards – 2
IDEC Student Design Competition – Graduate Finalists, Adrienne Wright and Lydia Myers
ADDYs – 105 Local: 36 Gold, 38 Silver, 27 Bronze,and 3 Special Judge's Awards
AIGA Flux – 11 Total: 11 Recognized Entries
Graphex46 – 1 Gold: Best Student Portfolio
Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant – Julia Radke received a $25,000 Sappi Grant for AdoptUgly
ADDYs – 88 Local: 24 Gold, 34 Silver, 30 Bronze
What the heck is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!?
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a program within the department of design that directly benefits the students. With this program, the department is able to pay for student's entry fees into design competitions, such as the ADDYs, AIGA Flux, and Graphex. It also supports entry fees for students to submit work into publications, such as Print, How, and CA.

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