Common Bonds

Common Bonds is a state-wide initiative working towards reducing euthanasia rates, creating a community for improving the quality of life, as well as reducing the shelter population of dogs & cats.
Logo Design
The logo was designed to be highly scalable and refined. An arrow is made from the dog symbolizing the upward direction that Commons Bonds strives to takes animals in. Since the logo should be a way to recognize animal supporters, the logo was shaped to be used as a badge of quality.

Logotype Design
To compliment the mark for Common Bonds, I created an original logotype from a base front. Lubalin Graph was chosen for its slightly geometric shapes and the slab serifs. Custom alterations I made were to create a custom logotype that compliments the mark. I rounded the corners of the slabs to match the icons line caps. Since the mark also uses space efficiently, so does the type. I subtracted away unnecessary shapes, such as the 'mm', while maintaining readability.

Awarded the American Advertising Federation (AAF) - ADDY gold award for brand and identity
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