This animated experience highlights the fact that the myth, “sexism has been abolished” is not true. This piece culminates in a call to action which incites positive change.

Laura Bates and the ’Everyday Sexism’ project focuses on spreading awareness about the various manifestations of unchallenged sexism in society. The project has provided a forum for victims and witnesses of sexism to post their experiences publicly and openly. The ‘Everyday Sexism’ project has been spread through various like-minded organizations. Supporting groups continue the effort by bringing their audiences’ attention to how widespread sexism truly is.

Animation provides a unique opportunity to reach a new audience who may not subscribe to the current marketing channels of the ‘Everyday Sexism’ project. This video has the potential to reach a new audience who are not aware of sexism’s influence in society. The concept of this animation is to reach and inform those unaware of sexism’s harmful effect on society by illustrating the facts in a friendly and easy to understand video.

This step began by listening to the provided audio clip repeatedly. While listening, featured words or concepts were written and sketched out for additional emphasis on the storyboard. Next, research into the experiences of victims of sexism began. This research offered authentic examples of how sexism impacts everyday people. These multiple perspectives led to a holistic design solution by revealing more than one viewpoint on the issue.

For critique, the storyboard was made into an animatic to help others understand the pacing and future motion of the animation. By doing this, I gathered more accurate feedback which informed further refinement of the storyboard. The animation was shown to both designers and people unfamiliar with the project to test the animation’s effectiveness with different audiences.

Character Design
The uncomplicated line work of the visuals helps bridge the gap between depicting ambiguous but relatable characters. The style was specifically kept simple but included enough detail for the audience to relate to the characters. This way sexism is made familiar and real as its effect is then directly related to the audience.

However, real public influencers who have perpetuated sexism were illustrated to be recognizable. Providing direct examples of those sexist influences in society was essential to identify to give the audience an understanding of sexist sources. This way the audience can realize that they can impact sexism by not supporting those influencers.

Sexism Happens Everyday
By spreading awareness and support for victims, sexism can be abolished. Some people are unaware of how sexism is still affecting people today. However, reaching a new audience through this animation will make more and more people take the message of sexism seriously.

After explaining how the “sexism has been abolished” myth is untrue, the video calls supporters to action and empowers them to stand up to say ENOUGH'S ENOUGH.


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