This is Glamour 
Glamour is an upscale women’s jewelry store in the heart of New York City. It is the perfect place for ladies to shop, drink, and mingle with friends. The store specializes in luxurious diamond jewelry that can be customized to fit every client’s desire. Along with picking out the perfect diamond, customers can also enjoy cocktails in the bar area with their friends. All of the space in the store is used to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. On one side of the space are display cases for customers to browse the jewelry that Glamour has to offer. Directly in the middle of the retail space is a cash wrap counter for transactions, above it is a large chandelier and rectangular, 3-form sign with the store’s logo. The retail area also consists of a consultation table for customers to design their piece with the help of diamond experts. Also in the retail area is a windowed off room for clients who are over twenty-one to enjoy drinks. The crushed velvet accent wall and honed flooring add texture to the space to make it feel more feminine. The back of the store consists of a bathroom and backroom for staff, and an office for the owners of the store. Overall Glamour is the ultimate place in New City to treat yourself with timeless jewelry you’ll never want to take off.
Elevation Rendering 
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