Pose is derived from repur-"pose." Pose is a jewelry store that specializes in turning recycled glass and gold into gemstones for wearable pieces. An upcycle program where customers can recycle products is available to allow customers to connect with their jewelry. The company has a high end feeling while being ecologically and socially conscious through affordable prices and sustainable pieces. The space reflects the curved shapes of the jewelry through curvilinear forms of the merchandise displays, doorways, light fixtures, and furniture. Wood veneer accents pay tribute to the eco-conscious concept by bringing in earthy elements into the space. Terrazzo counters of the reception desk reflects the concept by utilizing recycled materials, as well as sets a color palette for the space. To contrast the off white walls, a bold terracotta colored ceiling makes a statement. Marmoleum flooring is a sustainable material for the flooring, and creates a cohesive, modern look through a monochromatic, neutral color. To add shine and reflection, gold tile and mirror inlays create depth on the merchandise shelves. A seating area is incorporated in the space that gives a high end feeling in that it allows for customers to feel that the space is meant for the guests to enjoy. Emphasis is on the logo of the back wall through a bold, minimalistic font and dark paint color. Pose is a space for people to come and feel connected to their jewelry knowing that is a eco-conscious, affordable, yet beautiful piece.
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