Since the pandemic, lives across the globe have been disrupted and rearranged. Millions of people are working from home while humankind heals from the impact of the Coronavirus. Among those uprooted from their daily routines are working parents and children of working parents. With offices and daycares closed, more and more parents are finding it harder to work from home without distraction. Some of the most demanding, but precious, distractions are children ages three to five. Ages three to five are some of the most formative years in a child’s life. It is important that they are challenged, encouraged to be creative, and taught important information that will prepare them for school. But how can parents manage this responsibility and work? Focus. Focus is a toy, a learning center, and a workstation that is designed to grow and sharpen the cognitive and physical abilities of children ages three to five. It is fashioned specifically to help enhance a child’s ability to count, match objects, draw, hold a crayon or marker, and prepare them for success in the classroom. It is also a great opportunity for children to play pretend while imitating the mannerisms of their parents and “go to work” at their very own desk. Focus will sharpen the minds of children while keeping them entertained so parents can have a successful day of working and parenting. Stop getting distracted and just Focus. 
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