Winner of a Silver ADDY for the OKC Ad Club in 2021. Archetypal character design study based on different archetypes in order to sharpen my character design skills. I took my prompt words and created a Sci-Fi inspired military base. I created five military-style portraits that allow viewers to see the motivations of my characters.
"The Iron Rose Returns" This was the archetype of The Bitch from our prompts. I had to draw her returning from a trip, so I imagined she was back after a successful military campaign to sabotage her enemies.
"The Spy" This archetype was based off The Best Friend. I saw him as a nervous, well-meaning man who agreed to spy for the rebellion but was always nervous about getting caught.
"The Orbinator" is based on the Evil Genius archetype. A crazed mad scientist is freelancing for the Space Command Military with some dangerous weaponry.
"The Break-In" For the more heroic archetypes, such as the Bad Boy, I switched to military defectors who were breaking in to Space Command.
"The Return" This archetype of the Crusader was imagined as a former member of the military who left after seeing corruption. She has teamed up with the other heroes of this story to take the base by force.
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