•This children’s bed is a creative high bunk storage bed and provides everything a growing child could need. It includes a comfortable sleeping area, fun climbing steps, modular storage space,  one desk and one stool just in ONE BED! It is a big upgrade of the classic style, highly functional, and greatly helps to save space.
•There are two color palette - Light Wood, Soft Yellow and Agua Blue for the boys, White wood, Soft Peach and white for the girls . It also incorporates the cute pet elements to attract the children. The smiling cat face headboard, the cat paw knobs, and the cat ear pull for the sliding desk would make any child keen to climb to the bed at bedtime.
•Tired of cleaning up children’s rooms, parents will find that space underneath is highly utilized for storage solutions! The built-in cabinets help children to organize their toys books and tools. The drawers offer convenience when they pick up tools for drawing and making handicrafts. The sliding desk and stool can be invisible underneath after they finished the activities. The open shelves at the side provide some display area for their favorite toy or works.
•Safety concerns are also well shown in this bed design. The high protection wood panels are fully around the bed. The shelving steps take replace of the traditional ladders, and the grip handles help to reaching the bunk safer for little children.
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